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Twitter: @moriahmcstay

Facebook: Moriah McStay

Instagram: Moriah McStay

For written communication (and to get swag) send a SASE to:

Moriah McStay

PO Box 40898

Memphis, TN 38174-0898








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  1. Hi Moriah,

    It’s Jeanne, Melissa’s friend. It was so great seeing you at Jared’s house over the holidays. I had a nice visit with your dad and Melissa and family the next day. They mentioned the upcoming release of your book, and I can’t wait to read Everything that Makes You when it comes out next year. Your dad is very proud of you.

    Hopefully I’ll get to see you before another 20 years rolls around. My kids have only been to Memphis twice, once when they were really little, and they loved it. Who knows, maybe some of us will move back there someday.

    Take care,

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